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All the details of the NUDURA web program

NUDURA Web Program Includes...

All of the web design packages in the NUDURA web program come with the following:

  • A NUDURA branded template (subject to your package limitations)
  • The template customization included in your package
  • Once you provide the content to us, we enter the content into the website for the amount of pages you purchased.
  • We post your website to your space on our web server (purchased in your yearly hosting package).
  • We teach you how to update your website (it'll only take 15 minutes over the phone).

What is a website template?

A template is a set of files that makes up a website. These files control the layout, behaviour and look of the website. The code in these templates is all in tact, so that skilled programmers (like us), can modify and change the look to make your site look unique to your company. But..a lot of time is saved because we don't have to build the whole website from the ground up.  

We have custom designed 3 different templates to choose from for the NUDURA program. These templates contain dynamic areas that have animations and graphics to help speak to the benefits of the NUDURA products. You can change the messaging and the look of these areas so that your website will be unique to your company. Based on the package you have chosen, the below template customization is included.

Template Customization

  • Basic Template
  • you will provide your corporate colours, fonts and images in the content document
  • you will provide your company logo and any taglines you'd like to use
  • the site will be built according to the template but with your provided branding
  • interior pages will be filled in according to the template with no unique layouts
  • Standard Template Customization
  • the homepage will be mocked up based on your company branding and the template you have chosen
  • you can vary the position and content of different things in the homepage and you will be provided 2 rounds of revisions to your concept
  • the look/feel you have chosen will be applied to the rest of the site
  • interior pages will not have any unique layouts
  • Professional Template Customization
  • the homepage will be mocked up based on your company branding but the "look" and "feel" will be a custom design, that is unique to your company
  • the custom design will contain your logo, corporate fonts and colours and will provide unique imagery on the homepage
  • once the "look" and "feel" is established you will be provided two unique layouts for (interior) pages somewhere else in the site

NUDURA Web Hosting Program

In the NUDURA website program, there is a one time charge for your web design package. Along with that, there will be a yearly hosting fee of $179
This hosting fee gives you:

  • 5 GB storage
  • Monthly bandwidth of 50GB
  • 100 email accounts
  • 10 domains allowed
  • 1 domain installed
  • The domain name of your choosing (based on availability), renewed yearly