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One point of contact for your website, hosting and email.

  • What is web hosting and why do I need it?

  • The internet is a series of "servers". Think of these servers like a bunch of (really large) computer hard drives. All of these "servers" are connected and this is what we call the "internet". Every website needs a "server" to live on. It's like renting a piece of property and that rent is called "hosting". Our hosting packages are priced to cover one year of "hosting" or one year of rent for your website to live.

  • why choose us?

  • There are so many hosting companies out there that you can choose from and web hosting is now priced very competitively. But, these hosting companies don't offer our web design packages. If you host with us, you get access to unbelieveably priced, highly professional websites and your website will be fully designed and installed for you. When your website is uploaded, you then will only have one point of contact for all of your website, email and hosting needs.


Web Hosting Packages


  • 89

    Good for bloggers


  • Storage - 500 MB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 5 GB
  • Email Accounts configured with GSuite - 1
  • Domains - 1
  • Order
  • 179

    Good for freelancers


  • Storage - 1 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 10 GB
  • Email Accounts Configured with GSuite- 5
  • Domains - 1
  • Order
  • GOLD
  • 329

    Good for small businesses


  • Storage - 5 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 50 GB
  • Email Accounts Configured with GSuite - 10
  • Domains - 10
  • Order
  • 399

    Good for high-traffic websites


  • Storage - 10 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 100 GB
  • Email Accounts Configured with GSuite - 50
  • Domains - Unlimited
  • Order


Note: Extra storage can be added to any package at the cost of $10/GB per year. The included email addresses will be installed through GSuite and configured to work with the domain. There may be additional charges through GSuite. Any email addresses after the initial set-up and configuration of GSuite, must be set up by the Client. All hosting packages come with 1 domain set up and installed yearly. As of Jan.2020, all hosting comes with auto-ssl. If you require a dedicated SSL certificate for secure online payments, there will be additional charges. If you require a dedicated IP address, there will be additional charges. These prices are only applicable with the purchase of a web design package.