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We have many services available as "add-ons" to your web package.

Additional Services

We specialize in offering packages for small businesses. But in case our clients need more services then what our packages provide, we offer many custom services and add-ons.

Custom Design

Does your company need a logo? Or a brand and overall identity? Worldwideweb Packages specializes and designing company branding from the ground up. We will take that brand and carry it through to your website but in addition to that, we can offer your company business cards, brochures and any other print material and we will ensure that your company branding is consistent throughout. See some of our samples here.

Content Writing

We understand that not everybody has time to fill out our extensive content document so we have professional writers on stand by, ready to help! Having the content customized for your company is as simple as a short interview over the phone. We will get all of the information we need and then we will send you the content document for your approval before we submit it to our website department to secure the date for your website launch.

We make sure your web content is SEO friendly and at the same time, we position your content visually within the website.  It couldn't be any easier to get your website up and running!

Writing Prices

  • up to 5 Pages
  • Rewrite/Edit Existing Content: $250
  • New Content: $400
  • up to 10 pages
  • Rewrite/Edit Existing Content: $400
  • New Content: $600
  • up to 15 pages
  • Rewrite/Edit Existing Content: $600
  • New Content: $1000

Other Add-Ons Available

We have many add-ons avaliable that can be quoted on a need by need basis. Some of those add-ons are: mailing lists, forums, community lists, blogs, social feeds, streaming videos, job posting areas and more. Please let us know if you want something to be added to your website and we will provide you with a quote.