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Know what you are getting up front, no hidden fees.

  • How Much Does a Website Cost?

    Website development doesn't take as long as it use to. We can now use pre-built templates for the entire website. We have access to all of the code of these templates so we are free to change the look. But, the core files are already built. This has changed the web development industry on a great scale. Websites can now be offerred at competitive rates and the old "you get what you pay for" methodology doesn't come into play anymore. You can pay a fairly low cost and have a high-end, professional website, with full content management system. The content management systems we use are free, open-source tools called Wordpress and Joomla.Within these "frameworks", we can choose from thousands of pre-built plugins to basically achieve..whatever we want. After your website is developed, you can log in and edit the content on your own...with no html knowledge. It's a new world for web development!


Web Design Packages

  • 999

    Good for freelancers


  • up to 5 *pages
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form
  • Additional *pages = $100
  • Order
  • 1499

    For small businesses

    basic package plus+

  • Up to 10 *pages
  • Image Gallery/Portfolio
  • Slideshow/Animation
  • Standard SEO
  • Additional *pages = $100
  • Order
  • 2499

    Sell products online

    professional package plus+

  • Up to 15 *pages
  • Gateway payment processing 
  • 15 item shopping cart
  • Additional *pages = $100
  • Order


The above prices are applicable only with the purchase of a hosting package. The ecommerce package includes payment processing through a 3rd party gateway only. If you require direct, secure transactions, there will be additional charges. All of the packages include mobile friendly websites by Google standards. * For scrolling websites, each section constitutes a page.